10 Highest Paying IT job – Career opportunity, Job Role, salary structure

10 Highest Paying IT job – Are you looking for a highest paying IT job? If yes, then definitely this page is worth reading. If you want to see yourself in a IT sector with handsome pay, you need to be well known for the latest IT jobs updates in India. In this article we have shared some necessary information about IT job such as list of IT job, their eligibility, paying scale and other information. hopefully, you enjoyed this article and don’t forget to choose career from this Job list. now you can have a clear vision of this field. give input as your effort and that effort will give an enormous output.

10 Highest Paying IT job – List

Have a look at the glimpse about 10 Highest Paying IT job listed below –

  1. Business analyst.
  2. Software Architect.
  3. Data Scientist.
  4. Cloud Architect
  5. Software Developer.
  6. IOT Solution Architect
  7. Full stack developer.
  8. Blockchain Engineer.
  9. Product manager.
  10. Devops Engineer.

10 Highest Paying IT job – Description

  1. Business analyst:

When we talk about most-in demand IT job then the first name comes in our mind is Business Analyst. A business Analyst is an Individual who works closely with the technology team to improve the quality of the services being delivered. they ensure the customer needs are correctly interpreted and translated into application. As a business analyst , you’ll have the opportunity to support your organization’s success through data-driven insights. its a career where every day brings new challenges & new ways to put your skills into practice.

2. Software Architect:

Software Architect is one of the 10 highest paying IT job in India. Software Architect, a person who can set up the direction for the software who can design how the software is going to work at a high level. as a software architect you will also troubleshoot coding problems and collaborate with other experts to produce high-performance software systems.

3. Data Scientist:

Data science is the study of data it involves developing methods of reporting, storing and analyzing data to effectively extract useful information to make informed decision. The goal of Data science is to gain insights and knowledge from any type of data both structured and unstructured. Data scientist can help predict the out comes of disease given the historical data of the patients with data science, banks can manage their resources efficiently and make smarter decisions through fraud detection in the transport sector. data scientist determine the questions their team should be asking and figure out how to answer those question using data.

4. Cloud Architect:

Next in the list of top 10 highest paying IT job is Cloud Architect. A cloud architect is a simply an IT specialist who develops a company’s computing strategy. now the strategy incorporates cloud adoption plans, cloud application design as well as cloud management. Cloud Architect are professional who responsible for creating blueprint of application design. creating resilient cloud infrastructure is the next big topic amongst those in this field. cloud architect are responsible for bringing the gaps between complex business problems and solution in the cloud.

5. Software Developer:

software developers are the creative , brainstorming masterminds behind computer programs of all sorts. these professionals are focused on operating system level software, compilers and network distribution software. they create software that enables users to perform specific tasks on computer devices. using their skills, they create internal programs that help a business be more efficient or create software which their company can sell in the open market.

6. IOT Solution Architect :

IOT Solution Architect is the one of the most 10 highest paying IT job across India. A solution architect breaches the gap between the enterprise and the technology solutions. they assess the corporate environment and design manage and maintain software solution to solve business problems. The IOT Solution Architect typically works with engineers and salespeople to facilitate process development. there is a need for this professional to have an understanding of the context of IOT solutions and to work across many departments and barriers to promote IOT development.

7. Full stack developer

A full stack developer , without a pinch of doubt, is the 10 highest paying IT job across Industries and sectors. Full stack developer, one who knows the various coding languages for the front-end design and development of a website along with the backend coding languages and knows how to manage and maintain a linux server. so, in essence its someone that handles every aspects of a website from front and backend and server side on top of that they also know how to work with database management system. A full stack developer know how to work with version control systems.

8. Blockchain Engineer :

blockchain Engineer Position is one of the top most 10 Highest paying IT job in India. A blockchain Engineer Specializes in developing and implementing architecture and solution using blockchain technology. a blockchain Engineer should have solid programming skills and a thorough understanding of the technologies behind ripple, R3, Ethereum and bitcoin as well as consensus methodologies and the security protocol stacks, crypto libraries and functions. A blockchain engineer is in charge of designing the security and the architecture of a blockchain system. in essence , a blockchain engineer will create a foundation for the blockchain system upon which others will then build upon.

9. Product manager:

A Product Manager , without a pinch of doubt, is the 10 highest paying IT job across Industries and sectors. A product manager helps to determine parameters around the product while the engineering team leads the development of that product from conception to launch. some of the skills required for a product manager are a strong understanding of product life cycle management, knowledge of product management tools like Pivotal tracker, JIRA & Asana, strong analytical and time management skills. product manager are responsible for delivering an operating plan that can help achieve strategic and tactical goals, build a product portfolio, managing and implementing marketing activities.

10. Devops Engineer:

Next in the list of top 10 highest paying IT job is a Devops Engineer. A Devops Engineer is critical to the projects overall success right from planning to support to customer satisfaction and productivity. A devops Engineer has an essential role in integrating the project functions and resources across the product life cycle. some of the skills required of a Devops engineer include coding and scripting, understanding deployment and network operation, familiarity with Devops tools like GIT & Jenkins, knowledge of linus or unix system administration.

10 highest paying IT job – Required qualification & salary structure

In below we have shared the 10 highest paying IT job Salary, required qualification.

PositionEducational QualificationSalary Per Annum
IOT Solution Architect Bachelor’s degree in Information technology, computer science or software information.12.9 – 34 lakhs
Cloud Architect: Bachelor’s degree & you should have a solid understanding of cloud computing.6 – 38 lakhs
Software Developer Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related degree. Bachelor’s degree5 lakhs
Full stack developer Bachelor’s degree in computer science, fluent in CSS, Java script and HTML.7 lakhs
Data ScientistUG Or PG degree in a computer science, economics, information management, mathematics or statistics15 lakhs
Software ArchitectMaster degree in computer science, software engineering or related fields.45 lakhs
Business analyst Bachelor’s degree in business or related field or MBA.8 lakhs
Blockchain Engineer Bachelor’s degree in system engineering or a related field15 lakhs
Product managerUG & PG degree in business administration, management, computer science, engineering or related field.25 lakhs
Devops Engineertertiary qualification in computer science or related field11 lakhs

This Article explores 10 highest paying IT job & cover some basic information related to this job such as salary expectation, required qualification, job role etc. Read The Entire Article to gain a proper knowledge about 10 highest paying IT job.

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